Google stores the information of every single search done on their search engine and provide it free of charge to you to help you in your online marketing efforts. Its in an aggregated format, meaning that you can't see who searched, but you can see how many people searched for a specific keyword or phrase in a specific geographical location.

We have embedded their search tool on this page below and you have to have internet access to see their marketing data. We suggest that you look for keyword phrases of 3-5 words long that your customers may type in the Google search engine when they look for your products and services.

For example, if you were selling pool fencing in Atlanta, then you would type in "Pool Fencing Atlanta" or "glass pool fencing atlanta". We suggest that you find 10-20 keyword phrases that people would commonly type in Google when they look for you. 

Click on the image on the right to automaticallly open the Google External Keyword Tool. It is a FREE service from Google that lets you draw historical statictics and search information.

You can see the number of searches for a specific keyphrase by month and it also provides suggested keywords that are very similar or have a "high relevance" to the phrase that you searched for.

The results can be downloaded in .csv format and can then be viewed and analyzed in Excel or a spreadsheet tool of your choice.

This market analysis will show you how many people are searching for your products and services every month. It will also show what other terms they may be using when they look for you.

Optimizing your website and your lead generation campaigns for these keywords or phrases will drive more targeted and qualified prospects to your sales people.

Never before have we had such extensive market research information at our disposal.                    GO AHEAD AND TEST IT

How Can This Help You Generate Leads For Your Business?

Audience SEO is a systematic approach to finding prospects that search for your products and services on Google, Bing, Yahoo and other search engines. 

It is about having the correct presence on the right Social Media sites that will attract prospects to you.

It is about being mobile ready as there is an increasing shift to mobile search and people looking for you from their smartphones and tablet devices.

It is about getting found and responding to it.

To have people come to your website and leave again without leaving any trace or trail is the biggest challenge that most businesses face.

Lead generation is about getting prospects to leave their contact details with you and even if they are not ready to buy straight away. You can always set up a lead nurturing system with automated emails that keeps them interested and moving through the sales process.

See how we use this market research to create an Online Lead Generation System to get those prospects in front of your sales people